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3 Reasons Patients Prefer Buying a Hyperbaric Chamber for Home

Being sick is hard work. Trying to manage the usual daily life tasks such as taking care of the kids, husband, cooking, grocery shopping, getting to work, and then trying to manage a health crisis is exhausting. We add the daily challenges of being chronically ill, feeling run down, and worrying if you are ever going to get better.

You may be thinking I have no more time between getting to the doctor appointments, the lab for testing, dealing with insurance coverage's, and now my doctor wants me to go to hyperbaric oxygen therapy 4-6 days a week. Something has got to give!

Here are the top 3 reasons why patients have reported they prefer having a hyperbaric chamber at home.

  1. Cost

A hyperbaric session averages from $85-$130 and doctors recommend an average of 40 treatments. So, let’s say you pay $100 a session x 40 treatments to start=$4,000. If you do the math, you almost have a hyperbaric chamber paid for by then.

  1. Flexibility

The flexibility to get your sessions done at home whenever you can work around your job, laundry, feeling decent enough to get yourself in there, and all the other errands that are stacked up on the to-do list.

  1. Time

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is remarkable, but it does take time. Let’s say you plan to complete 40 sessions in 7-8 weeks. When you’re feeling terrible, time is precious.

Having the freedom to treat from home can be a blessing as you are not obligated to show up for your daily appointment on your lunch break. Imagine you get into your car, drive there, drive around the parking lot to find a parking spot, and wait at the clinic for the busy receptionist to check you in.  Finally, you get into the hyperbaric chamber for 1 hour, race back to work, all while worrying about having to take off so much time for all the medical stuff. You feel it beginning to weigh on you.

When making your decision think about the amount of sessions and cost, do you need flexibility because your symptoms are unpredictable, what does your daily schedule look like, and what kind of time do you have to complete the sessions.

I am an advocate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy wherever you can get it! But these are some of the things to consider when deciding to buy a portable hyperbaric chamber for home or finding a healthcare clinic.

Our 3 most popular hyperbaric chambers for home use are: