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Oxygen Health Systems' hyperbaric chambers are designed to maximize your comfort and oxygen therapy effectiveness. Here's what sets Oxygen Health Systems apart:

  • Includes a Dehumidifier: Ensures a comfortable hyperbaric oxygen environment by removing excess moisture.
  • 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator: Delivers the necessary concentrated oxygen for effective therapy.
  • Air Ionizer: Improves air quality within the chamber for a more refreshing experience.
  • Optional Air Conditioning Unit: Provides additional temperature control for enhanced comfort during treatment.

Oxygen Health Systems offers a comprehensive warranty.

  • 1 Year Warranty: Covers all hardware components
  • 3 Year Warranty: Protects the hyperbaric chamber bladder

Invest in Your Well-being with Confidence:

Oxygen Health Systems' hyperbaric chambers put their focus on comfort, performance, and reliability. This is a valuable asset in your healthcare journey with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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