The Founders Story

Hi, my name is Audrey I am a woman-owned and operated business! 

I once scoured the internet for anything that might save my life like you might be doing right now.

2016, I was just existing. So fatigued I would fall through the door into my bed after work. I mixed up my words in sentences, had brain fog and memory loss, limped with one leg, was filled with physical pain, short of breath, rage one moment, and tears the next. I didn't know how much longer I could keep living like this. 

I had the weirdest things happening to my body and felt so crazy. After 19 years of endless specialists and multiple diagnoses, I found a Lyme literate doctor and finally a diagnosis that made sense! It was bittersweet I was happy to hear I finally had a diagnosis but holy cow I had no idea the mess I had ahead of me. 

After all kinds of antibiotics, acupuncture, elimination diets, chiropractic, and many more treatments, a Seattle, WA doctor told me I really think you need a hyperbaric chamber. I am seeing all these amazing benefits with it and if you can afford it, you should try it. 

Finally, my healing journey took a turn! A mild hyperbaric chamber has been one of the best tools with the least amount of side effects. 

Now I want to give back by helping educate you and your family so you can find your next step in healing with hyperbaric oxygen. I continue to be amazed at the diverse array of diseases it improves, so stop existing and start living again! 

Click below to hear my story with chronic Lyme disease and hyperbaric therapy. I hope this gives you some newfound hope.