Oxygen Health Systems

Inside the Soft Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Look inside the Oxyflow Soft Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber by Oxygen Health Systems. This is perfect for home use or a clinic as it is very versatile.

This hyperbaric chamber includes a padded reclining chair that can extend all the way back to the lying down position.

I personally like the option to sit up as I spend a lot of time inside the hyperbaric chamber and want to be able to use my computer or complete my work. I am much more apt to go in there knowing I can still get other things done.

When I originally started, I was very sick and needed to lay back and just rest, but now that I am back to a healthy lifestyle I like the versatility of both positions.

I recommend you think about your day and your lifestyle. You are going to be investing your time in completing your sessions on a regular basis.

Do you want the flexibility to sit up and lay down?

Click below to look at the inside of the Oxyflow Soft Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber.