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How to Get Inside a Hyperbaric Chamber

Do you plan to use your hyperbaric chamber alone?
Suppose the answer is yes; one of the essential things to consider is how to enter a hyperbaric chamber. Our hyperbaric chambers are designed for you to use alone, but you want to ensure you can easily get in and out by yourself. Comfortably entering is essential to choosing the right hyperbaric chamber for you.

Here, we go through multiple ways to enter the different styles of hyperbaric chambers.

A person can enter from the side of the hyperbaric chamber, the top, and lie down, step in and sit in a chair, walk inside and sit or lie down, or have another person push you in with a wheelchair or gurney.

Here we break down each of the ways to enter with videos to watch to help you make the most informed decision.

Side Entry - Entering a Horizontal Hyperbaric Chamber


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There are several hyperbaric chambers with a side entry. When entering from the side of the hyperbaric chamber, you may need to get down on your hands and knees as the zipper where you enter is lower to the ground. 


Another option is to raise the hyperbaric chamber on a platform, and then a person would scoot in. 


Watch here to see how to enter a hyperbaric chamber from the side. This demonstrates getting into the Shallow Dive, Dive, or Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber by Summit to Sea alone.  


Watch here for getting inside this same hyperbaric chamber with another person’s assistance.

Side Entry - Walking into the Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber


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Watch here as we step inside the vertical hyperbaric chambers, such as the Grand Dive Vertical and the Dive Vertical Hyperbaric Chambers by Summit to Sea.


Once you are inside, you can sit down in a chair. This chair would be more of a folding camp-style chair or an office chair. You cannot fully recline back in a recliner or lie down.

Top Entry - Stepping into a Horizontal Hyperbaric Chamber 


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Watch here as we step into a horizontal hyperbaric chamber, sit down, and lie back for treatment. There are several hyperbaric chambers with this style, as this is the traditional hyperbaric chamber. 


Walking Into a Hyperbaric Chamber


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There are several hyperbaric chambers that you can walk directly inside or access with a wheelchair or a gurney. Currently, the Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber is the only one that can accommodate a gurney. Watch here

for a close up of entering this Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber.


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When purchasing a hyperbaric chamber, consider which option would be the most comfortable for you when getting inside. All the hyperbaric chambers here at Healing The Hyperbaric Way can be operated and used alone.