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Considering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Your Clinic? 6 Key Tips to Consider

  1. Space for the Hyperbaric Chamber 

Planning for the proper space is essential. You have the size of the hyperbaric chamber, the compressor, the oxygen concentrator, and potentially an AC unit. 

  1. Patient Mobility

There are several popular hyperbaric chambers, but not everyone can climb into a horizontal chamber. Think about what type of patients you have in your clinic or wellness center.

 hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

Horizontal Newtowne C4-34 Hyperbaric Chamber

hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

Should you consider a hyperbaric chamber your patients can walk into or have a wheelchair inside?

Can you patients lift their legs, step inside, and sit on the ground?

We offer multiple high-quality hyperbaric chamber brands. In our experience, the most important considerations are the mobility and comfort of the people using the hyperbaric chamber.

  1. Patients with Claustrophobia

Many people have varying levels of claustrophobia. Patients tend to do better sitting up than lying in a hyperbaric chamber. Some hyperbaric chambers have more windows than others, allowing patients to see out and allow more light to come in. More windows tend to give them more comfort and make relaxing easier.

We have several tips to overcome claustrophobia in a hyperbaric chamber here>>

  1. Cleaning your hyperbaric chamber in between patients

There are several options for cleaning your hyperbaric chamber.

hyper oxygen chamber


The Pufiying Wand will help to disinfect your hyperbaric chamber. When multiple patients move through the hyperbaric chamber back-to-back, they may leave behind their body smell. The purifying wand can be a quick option to purify the air.


The hyperbaric technician can clean all interior and exterior hyperbaric chamber surfaces with any commercially available "hospital use only" disinfectant suitable for skin contact. However, many disinfectants can leave a lingering odor in your hbot. The simplest solution is to mix 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (The ordinary household bottle found at the grocery or drug store) with distilled or purified water. The mixture should be about 1/2 Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/2 water.

If a cleaning solution is concentrated, follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

With a clean sponge or cloth, wipe down surfaces with a cleaning solution.

Wipe surfaces with a clean, damp towel to remove any remaining residue.

Multiple hyperbaric chambers have a plastic seat or mattress covers that a hyperbaric technician can wipe down between patients. Each brand has its own cleaning recommendations, but they are all very similar: use mild hypoallergenic soap and water.

  1. Operating a Hyperbaric Chamber

All our hyperbaric chambers come with basic operating instructions in the operation manual, videos, and we are here by phone or video appointment for assistance.

We recommend our hyperbaric chamber training programs if you want more training on hyperbaric safety and operation and how to add this to your clinic successfully. These programs cover safe operating procedures to become a hyperbaric technician. You can add the popular IHA - Internal Hyperbaric Association Certification and the BHT - Basic Hyperbaric Technician Certifications for that extra level of education and assurance for you and your patients if desired. 

This online hyperbaric training program also comes with software that screens your patients. The patient inputs their medical information and signs a release of liability. You instantly get a protocol for your patient, knowing whether or not they are a good candidate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The clinic is then protected with a signed liability waiver. If you are still questioning whether a patient is the right fit, contact our hyperbaric-trained doctor with all your questions. This doctor is there for your support.

  1. Hyperbaric Chamber Financing

We offer commercial financing for medical clinics for 1- 5 years. There is an option if you are new medical doctor with zero down to get you started.  Click on this link to input your payment options for financing for hyperbaric chambers.

Still have more questions about what to consider when adding hyperbaric oxygen therapy, how much does a hyperbaric chamber cost or what is involved in adding this to your wellness center call Healing The Hyperbaric Way at 360-230-8253