Newtowne Hyperbaric Chambers

Four reasons we love Newtowne Hyperbarics Hyperbaric Chambers

  1. Affordability-They are a great affordable hyperbaric chamber (Hbot) brand. The C4-27 is a great home hyperbaric chamber.
  2. They have an external frame which prevents any space from being lost inside the hyperbaric chamber giving the user more room inside.
  3. Easier Assembly- It is a very simple hyperbaric chamber with not a lot of extra features therefore it makes it easier to set up. So, if you’re that person who’s afraid of putting things together this is one of the easiest brands we have found for assembly.
  4. It is made in the USA.

Watch here for a look inside the Newtowne Hyperbarics Hyperbaric Chamber. This is the C4-34 Hbot but all of the Newtowne Hyperbarics models have the same features the size just varies between a 27, 34, and 40 inches in diameter.