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What is needed and optional for a hyperbaric chamber?

Do you need clarification on what you need and what is optional when buying a hyperbaric chamber?

Here, we dive into what is required to make your hyperbaric chamber work and what features you can add to have a more comfortable hyperbaric oxygen therapy session.

Here is what is required to run a hyperbaric chamber.

Oxygen compressor - The oxygen compressor is what inflates the bladder of the hyperbaric chamber.  It is often times confused with the oxygen concentrator.

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Bladder - This is the actual hyperbaric chamber.

Frame - This is what holds the hyperbaric chamber up. It can be an external or internal frame depending on what model you choose.

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Pressure Gauge - There are external and internal pressure gauges, and both gauges measure the pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber. When treating alone, seeing the pressure with an internal pressure gauge can be comforting.

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Optional upgrades to maximize your hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience or make you more comfortable during your session.

Oxygen Concentrator - Most people choose to add supplemental oxygen. The air we breathe is 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. Adding the supplemental 95% medical grade oxygen has been reported to increase the benefits. There are no oxygen tanks that need to be replaced.

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Dehumidifier - A hyperbaric chamber can get 5-10 degrees warmer inside. The Oxygen Health System brand includes a dehumidifier, which can reduce the temperature inside by 3 degrees. This is the only brand that offers this feature.

Air Conditioning - This can help cool the patient, especially when living in a warm climate in the summertime. It does get 5-10 degrees warmer inside the hyperbaric chamber. Summit to Sea and Oxygen Health Systems both have cooling systems.

Grounding Mat - This is placed underneath your hyperbaric chamber and eliminates any static electricity. It mimics the earth's current and allows you to bring that current into your home or office.

Ionizer - Negative ions help remove particles from the air and can make the air fresher.

Mattress - This gives you the comfort to lie down. A contoured mattress can better fit you as it conforms to the rounded inside bottom of a horizontal hyperbaric chamber. A flat mattress doesn’t quite fit perfectly inside the hyperbaric chamber like a contoured mattress.

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Chair - There are multiple hyperbaric chambers that allow you to sit up or lie down. Some hyperbaric chambers include a chair or will enable you to bring your chair inside.

Disinfectant - There are devices like the UV Wand that will help to purify the air inside the hyperbaric chamber.

This gives you the basics on what is required to make your hyperbaric chamber work and the optional features you can add to your hyperbaric chamber to make your hyperbaric oxygen therapy session more comfortable.

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