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Three Hacks For Cooling Down Your Hyperbaric Chamber

This past week has been HOT, and I have not wanted to go inside my hyperbaric chamber as it gets even warmer inside. The temperature increases by roughly 5-10 degrees inside. I wanted to share with you three hacks to help cool down your hyperbaric chamber so you can relax and heal while completing your oxygen therapy.

1. Buy an adult or pet cooling mat to lay on inside your hyperbaric chamber.
Cooling Your Hyperbaric Chamber
2. Get a small battery-operated fan. You can find one online for $20-50 and bring it inside your hbot for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions. This will help circulate the air inside.
Cooling Your Hyperbaric Chamber


3. Point a portable air conditioning unit directly at your air compressor. This will cool down the air that is pumped into your hyperbaric chamber.

And if you’re ready to buy a hyperbaric chamber and concerned about the increase in temperature, check out our brands Summit to Sea or Oxygen Health Systems.

Summit to Sea has an air cooling system that reduces the temperatures by two degrees an Oxygen Health Systems has a dehumidifier that is included with all their hyperbaric chambers as well as the option to add on air conditioning. 

You can add any of these air conditioning options when purchasing your hyperbaric chamber, or you can add it later if you find out it is just too warm inside. 

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