sleep apnea and hyperbaric therapy

Mom heals life threatening sleep apnea with hyperbaric therapy

 This is was written by a mom in Florida with sleep apnea and hyperbaric therapy.

We have been treating our son Sam for nonspeaking autism which as been a slow process.

When he was younger, I had to use the hyperbaric chamber with him. I had debilitating sleep apnea which doctors could not explain.

I was not the typical age, I was not overweight, I had no anatomical issues, but my airway refused to stay open while asleep. I had to wear a special orthodontic device as well as forced to use a CPAP machine during sleep at a very young age. 

Out of the blue I became claustrophobic with the CPAP machine and could no longer use it. My doctors were terrified that I would die in my sleep. I’ve done more sleep studies and clinical studies than anyone I have ever met. Yes, it was that bad. The whole thing was a nightmare.

However, right around the same time the CPAP was no longer an option for me we got the chamber. Within 25 dives my sleep apnea completely resolved itself. The doctors who treated me now prescribe hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for their patients. 

I continue to use the hyperbaric chamber intermittently anytime I start to feel tired more than usual during the day. The sleepiness is a red flag that my sleep apnea, which we now know is caused by the tiniest bit of soft palette inflammation, is creeping back up. 

It seriously changed my life after so many years of sleep time torture. 

-A mom struggling with life threatening sleep apnea and hyperbaric therapy

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