Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers

Unveiling Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers: A Look Inside Their Family-Owned Manufacturing

Are you curious who is behind the Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chamber brand and what it stands for?

Summit to Sea is a family-owned hyperbaric manufacturer located in Mound, Minnesota. Bruce and Judy McKeeman started the business in 2007 as a solution to turn their health around after Bruce had surgery for what was supposed to be colon cancer and was luckily not cancer!

 Bruce & Judy McKeeman, pictured on the right with the
Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber


After Bruce's health scare, the McKeeman’s passion for assisting families and individuals seeking natural healing modalities and alternative solutions to surgeries began.

Audrey Burrell, the owner of Healing The Hyperbaric Way, had the pleasure of spending a couple of days at their headquarters while filming a product shoot, learning all the details about their hyperbaric chambers, the technology behind them, their passion for helping people, and their production processes.

Bruce, Judy, and the other employees are kind and honest and stand behind their hyperbaric chambers.

Summit to Sea has a great time of partners working to produce their hyperbaric chambers. They are always listening to their customers to help improve their products. Here is a great example.

Summit to Sea just released the new Short Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber, based on customers' feedback that they loved the Grand Dive Pro Plus but wanted something shorter so it would take up less space in their homes or clinics. 



When Bruce creates innovative improvements and designs, his number one focus is safety.  Here are a few of their safety features:

  • A failed circuit alarm is included with all their hyperbaric chambers. If the power were to go out, it would sound an alarm; this is in the event you are sleeping. The alarm would wake you up, and then you can exit.
  • Their hbots all have multiple compressors. If one fails, fresh air will continually circulate inside the hyperbaric chamber. 
  • All their oxygen chambers have an external and internal pressure gauge, so the person inside and outside can read the pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber. 

In 2008, Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers became FDA-approved; you can see their 510(k) Number for FDA approval here.

One of their designs is the Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber, US Patent #11,452,654 B2. It is popular because the entrance is at the end of the oxygen chamber, making it accessible for a wheelchair, gurney, or person who can walk inside.


 8.5 feet in length by 5 feet in diameter 

Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers has fabulous customer service and technical support seven days a week, 360 days a year.

Healing The Hyperbaric Way is an authorized dealer of this trusted, made-in-the-USA brand Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers. They offer tele-med appointments for prescriptions with hyperbaric doctors, instructional manuals for an easy setup, installation services, and video guides ensure a stress-free setup. Plus, additional support via video consultation if you have any questions.