hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

Easy Solutions for Getting Into a Hyperbaric Chamber

Are you considering getting started with a hyperbaric chamber but feel like you don’t have options because you can’t get on the ground to get inside it?

 Many people who want to get started with a hyperbaric chamber get frustrated because they can’t get down on the ground to get inside then stand back up due to their mobility challenges. This is a common situation I hear a lot.

Here are two options to work with your mobility where you’re at and still get the amazing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

    1. The Vertical Hyperbaric Chambers can have a chair placed inside. This is a great option to still be able to complete the hyperbaric oxygen therapy session. Here is our collection of Vertical Hyperbaric Chambers.

      A few of the popular choices are:

      Summit to Sea- Grand Dive Vertical pictured below or the Dive Vertical

      Grand Dive Vertical-Healing The Hyperbaric Way


      MC4500 Hyperbaric Chamber -Healing The Hyperbaric Way

      2. Some folks still want to be able to lay down when treating as they don’t feel like they can sit upright for 60-90 minutes per session. An option to consider is a platform to place your hyperbaric chamber on.

       If you put your hyperbaric chamber (Hbot) on a platform you want to make sure you have a chamber that can be rotated to a side entry such as a Summit to Sea or Newtowne Hyperbarics Hyperbaric Chamber.

      If you have carpenter skills or know someone that might be handy, building a platform for your hyperbaric chamber to sit on makes it easier to slide or scoot inside.  Having it raised off the ground can really help!

      The suggested height is around 16 inches or the height of a dining room chair seat. Then the hyperbaric chamber sits on top of this platform.

      Hyperbaric Chamber Platform

       Pictured above is a platform with a step that was built for a hyperbaric clinic Evergreen Center for Integrative Medicine.

      This one is beautiful. It does not have to be this elaborate though. It could be open in the middle then you could store other items underneath if you are tight on space.

      Watch here for a close up view of the wooden hyperbaric chamber platform. You do not need to attach the hyperbaric chamber to the platform, but notice there is an edge on this platform to keep it from sliding around.


       Here is another idea for a wooden platform, this one goes with the Grand Dive Pro, but it gives you an idea of possibilities if you're creating your own.


      Hyperbaric Chamber Platform

      This is the Grand Dive Pro Hbot by Summit to Sea that shows the gurney. A comfy chair could be placed inside also. Summit to Sea has the frame attached to the wooden frame.

      Summit to Sea-Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber

      Choosing a vertical hyperbaric chamber,  an upright chamber where you can put a chair inside or building a platform for your horizontal hyperbaric chamber to sit on gives you options for possibilities. You do not have to get on your hands and knees and crawl inside a hyperbaric chamber.