Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Overcoming Claustrophobia in a Hyperbaric Chamber

 Is your concern for being inside a hyperbaric chamber holding you back from getting started towards restoring your health?


Claustrophobia and Hyperbaric Chamber


Click here to [WATCH] Three Tips on Overcoming Claustrophobia in a Hyperbaric Chamber

The founder of Healing The Hyperbaic Way, Audrey goes through her three tips on choosing the right hyperbaric chamber, getting comfortable so you can overcome any fear or anxiety of being inside a hyperbaric chamber.


Three recommended hyperbaric chambers equipped with ten+ windows for optimal patient visibility and comfort.

Elite Hyperbaric -Borealis Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber

Elite Hyperbaric -Eplison Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Elite Hyperbaric -36" Polaris Hyperbaric Chamber

 Don't let your fear stop you from restoring your health, energy, and living life on your terms!

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