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Hyperbaric Chambers for Two Patients

Are you looking for a hyperbaric chamber that multiple people can treat simultaneously?

We often get customers who want to be inside the hyperbaric chamber with their child or spouse. Maybe someone is too sick to treat alone or wants to be together and catch up on their day, as there can be a lot of time spent inside if you are doing an hour a day.

Here are three popular hyperbaric chambers we recommend when wanting a second person inside.

The Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber  

This is the largest hyperbaric chamber, which can fit multiple people inside, you can have a reclining chair to lie back in, you can put two legless chairs facing each other, or you could have a gurney inside. You can even have a rowing machine in this hbot. This is one of the most versatile portable hyperbaric chambers on the market. This hyperbaric chamber is popular in a clinical setting due to its ability to treat multiple patients or have an attendant inside.

When considering this hyperbaric chamber, it is important to make sure you have physical strength, as the door to this hbot is large, so you must have the strength to zip and unzip it. This door only needs to be opened halfway through for a person to walk inside.

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The Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber

This hbot is similar to the Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber but has a wooden platform. This platform can be helpful for a patient that has challenges getting on the ground to get inside the hbot. The platform raises the hyperbaric chamber up, so you’re off the floor. You can sit on the edge and then turn around to get inside. You don't have to get up from the ground when you are exiting. You can put your legs over the side and stand up. This hyperbaric chamber can be removed from the platform if you choose to.

Summit to Sea Hyperbari Chamber


The Newtowne Hyperbarics C4-34 Hyperbaric Chamber

This C4-34 hyperbaric chamber is 95 inches long and 34 inches in diameter. You can have one person at each end lying down facing each other. In this hyperbaric chamber, you can enter from the top or rotate the hyperbaric chamber for a side entry.

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The larger hyperbaric chambers you can sit up inside are ideal for someone with claustrophobia. A person has more space and light inside due to larger windows.

Here is a list of our hyperbaric chambers holding two or more people. Some of these options are best for an adult and child, as the size between these options varies.

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For more information on which hyperbaric chamber is right for you give us a call at Healing The Hyperbaric Way 360-230-8253  and we will discuss your specific needs and get you on your way to restoring your health or recovering from that injury.